Adult Male Actor Application

(Open to US residents only)

Our requirements are few. We only ask that you be at least 18 years of age and in good physical condition.
Being an adult video actor can be fun and rewarding experience. We treat our actors with respect and
although this is amateur video, we will expect a level of professionalism from you.
If an appointment is set for you, we will expect you to be on time for it. If are unable to make that
scheduled time, please contact us by email at least ONE HOUR prior to your appointment.

We will want to see some pictures of you. They do not necessarily have to be nude, but save us some time,
You will be given the opportunity to attach them to this application.

The following questionnaire is designed to provide us with enough information to decide if adult
video employment would be suited for you. The information that you provide will be discussed during
your initial interview and will be kept confidential, so you may feel completely at ease as you
complete your application.